iPhone Is Disabled? Here Is The Way To Unlock Disabled iPhone 13 mini | Dr.fone

iPhone Is Disabled? Here Is The Way To Unlock Disabled iPhone 13 mini | Dr.fone

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iPhone Is Disabled? Here Is The Way To Unlock Disabled Apple iPhone 13 mini

Part I: Is It Possible To Unlock A Disabled iPhone?

First things first, the short answer is yes. It is entirely possible to unlock a disabled iPhone and use it again. But there is a catch-all data on the Apple iPhone 13 mini device that will be erased as the process wipes the Apple iPhone 13 mini clean. There is no other way around it.

iphone is disabled

Part II: Unlock Disabled iPhone

Now, let us get to ways how to unlock disabled iPhone. How many ways are there? Well, you might get all sorts of information online, but there are only a handful of ways to unlock a disabled iPhone, which are listed here.

II.I: Unlock Disabled iPhone With Wondershare Dr.Fone

Of course, you want to unlock your disabled iPhone as quickly as possible, so we have put the best solution first - Wondershare Dr.Fone.

What is Dr.Fone? Dr.Fone is a suite of apps designed to help you with tasks on your smartphones and tablets. These tasks include erasing data, wiping the Apple iPhone 13 mini device, repairing the system, taking and restoring backups, unlocking the screen, transferring WhatsApp chats, and even going as fancy as spoofing device location to help with location-aware games or prank friends and family.

This is a must-have set of tools designed for every smartphone owner, regardless of the operating system. It works on both Windows and macOS and supports both Android and iOS. Download Wondershare Dr.Fone here.

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer and select Screen Unlock in Dr.Fone.

drfone app

Step 2: Click the big blue button “Unlock iOS Screen”:

drfone ios screen unlock

Step 3: Onscreen instructions guide you to put your device in Recovery Mode:

recovery mode instructions in drfone

Step 4: Software version and device model are detected automatically when the Apple iPhone 13 mini device is in Recovery Mode. If the automatic detection is incorrect, set it correctly before proceeding. Click Start.

automatic detection of device and software drfone

Step 5: When Dr.Fone is ready to unlock disabled iPhone, click Unlock Now and wait until the notification of a successful unlock is shown.

unlock disabled iphone with drfone screen unlock

II.II: Unlock Disabled iPhone With iTunes/ macOS Finder

The above was a fast, intuitive, step-by-step way to get you through the unlock disabled iPhone process. This was an aftermarket app to help you through the process. However, if you want to achieve the same result the Apple way, do the following:

Step 1: Connect the Apple iPhone 13 mini to the computer with the cable and launch iTunes or Finder (macOS Catalina and above).

Step 2: Press the volume up key on your Apple iPhone 13 mini and release. Then, press the volume down key and release. Lastly, press and hold the power key till you see Recovery Mode in Finder or iTunes.

iphone recovery mode

Step 3: Click Restore to unlock disabled iPhone.

After this process, the Apple iPhone 13 mini is reset to factory defaults, and you will need to go through the setup process again.

II.III: Unlock Disabled iPhone Through The iCloud Website (Find My iPhone)

You may also use Find My on the iCloud website to unlock your disabled iPhone, if the Find My network was enabled on the iPhone.

Step 1: Go to https://icloud.com and log in using the iCloud/ Apple ID that the disabled iPhone is using. This is important because if you use any other ID, you will see devices attached to that ID, not the disabled iPhone you want to unlock.

Step 2: Click Find My and select your disabled iPhone.

icloud find my

Step 3: Click Erase iPhone and confirm.

The Apple iPhone 13 mini will be erased and restored to factory default settings. After that, you will have to set up the Apple iPhone 13 mini again.

II.IV: Unlock Disabled iPhone Without A Computer (Find My App)

Not so long ago, a computer was a necessity in every household for various reasons. Then, smartphones changed everything, and Apple spearheaded that change with the Apple iPhone 13 mini and iPad.

The iPhone, despite screen size limitations, may be used as a personal computer all by itself, depending on users’ requirements. You can work on spreadsheets, documents, and presentations on the iPad, take notes, write, draw, play music, watch videos, and practically do everything a regular household would do on a computer.

So, in today’s time and age, it may be possible that some people work exclusively with their iPhones and iPads. In that case, how to unlock a disabled iPhone without a computer?

Worry not, because Apple’s Find My is your friend. You can use Find My on your other Apple device to erase and unlock the disabled iPhone.

Step 1: Launch Find My app on your iOS device or Mac. Note that the other device should be signed in with the same Apple ID as the disabled iPhone. If not, you may sign out of iCloud on the Apple iPhone 13 mini device and sign in using the other Apple ID (of the disabled iPhone).

unlock disabled iphone with find my app

Step 2: Select the disabled iPhone from the Apple iPhone 13 mini devices in the sidebar, click or tap the Apple iPhone 13 mini device on the map and click or tap Erase This Device.

The disabled iPhone will be wiped and restored to factory defaults. The setup will need to be performed again.

Now, as we know, if Find My does not show the disabled iPhone for any reason, you will necessarily have to gain access to a computer. The other option is to visit an Apple Store and get them to do the needful.

Part III: FAQs

Here are helpful frequently asked questions for you.

FAQ 1: What is iPhone disabled?

iPhone is disabled most commonly when an incorrect password is entered too many times.

FAQ 2: Can I unlock disabled iPhone without data loss?

Unlocking a disabled iPhone requires erasing the Apple iPhone 13 mini device. All data on the Apple iPhone 13 mini device will be deleted in the process. There is currently no way to unlock disabled iPhone without data loss.

FAQ 3: How to restore data via iCloud?

After unlocking the disabled iPhone, when you set it up again, if you previously had iCloud Backup enabled, you will get the option to restore data from the latest backup.


Bonus Tip: Prevent iPhone From Getting Disabled In Future

By now, you know that should the Apple iPhone 13 mini be disabled for any reason, unlocking the disabled iPhone is a process that will wipe the Apple iPhone 13 mini device clean. And that means you will have to spend time setting it up again, restoring data from backup, and getting it back to the order you had previously. How about a tip to help you prevent a disabled iPhone?

A good passcode is one that you will remember, but it takes work for everyone to figure out. Again, this is for the safety and security of your data and device. You may use a 6-digit passcode or an alphanumeric passcode if that is more to your liking.

If you use Face ID, it will significantly minimize the instances you will have to enter your passcode, so make sure you do remember your passcode.


It has been nearly a decade since iPhones came with biometric authentication and around 5 years since they started using facial authentication. Both these technologies significantly reduced our dependence on having to key in our passcode each time we wanted to unlock the iPhone, buy an app, or perform an essential function.

But, when we attempt incorrect passcodes too many times, the Apple iPhone 13 mini gets disabled. How to unlock disabled iPhone? The ways outlined in this guide will help you unlock your disabled iPhone.

What Does Jailbreaking Apple iPhone 13 mini i Do? Get Answers here

Jailbreaking grants you root access to your smartphone, opening a range of features and functionalities. But what does jailbreaking an iPhone do? Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini removes the restrictions imposed by Apple on its operating system, iOS. It offers more customization options and access to extra apps.

However, is jailbreaking an iPhone safe and legal? It’s a complex answer and not a decision to take lightly. While the process is legal in most countries, its applications can cross legal lines, like installing pirated apps.

To learn more, read on and explore the capabilities of a jailbroken iPhone in the following sections. This article will also touch on its impact on iCloud Activation Lock. Let’s start with the benefits and risks of jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini.

iphone devices back view

Part 1: What Does Jailbreaking an iPhone Do?

Before trying to jailbreak your Apple iPhone 13 mini, it’s crucial to understand, “What can you do with a jailbroken iPhone?” While it opens up exciting possibilities, it also introduces potential drawbacks. In this section, you’ll learn both aspects.

Benefits of Jailbreaking

Apple’s App Store and iOS offer a curated selection of features and functionalities. But for some users, this can feel restrictive. Here are some advantages of jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini:

  • Install Unapproved Apps

Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines limiting the type of apps available. Jailbreaking offers various third-party apps and tweaks not available on the App Store. These could include emulators, screen recorders, or apps that bypass certain limitations.

  • Increased Customization Options

Users can customize their iPhones beyond the limitations imposed by Apple after Jailbreaking. It includes changing themes, icons, and even the look and feel of the user interface. This level of personalization can enhance your experience while using your iOS device.

circleapps launcher tweak for jailbroken iphone

  • Unlocking System-wide Features

Jailbreaking unlocks extra iPhone features. It lets you access advanced settings and functions. These aren’t in the regular, non-jailbroken mode. More control means more customization. You can optimize your Apple iPhone 13 mini based on your preferences.

  • Unlocking Network Restrictions

Jailbreaking frees the Apple iPhone 13 mini from carrier restrictions. You can then use it with different network providers. This is handy for travelers or those wanting better service options.

However, these benefits come with caveats you should consider.

Risks of Jailbreaking

While jailbreaking itself isn’t illegal, it does involve bypassing Apple’s security measures. This increased freedom comes with its own set of potential pitfalls. Here are some potential downsides of jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini:

  • Security Vulnerabilities

Bypassing Apple’s security measures can expose your device to vulnerabilities. Malicious apps or tweaks can exploit these vulnerabilities, risking your data and privacy. It could lead to the theft of your data, including passwords, financial information, and photos.

  • Voided Warranty

Jailbreaking is seen by Apple as a device modification. Doing so can void your device warranty. So, if jailbreaking causes any issues, Apple won’t cover them under their support services—both hardware and software.

  • Instability and Performance Issues

Jailbreaking may make your system unstable and cause performance problems. When you add unauthorized tweaks or apps, they can clash with iOS. This clash might result in crashes, freezes, or a general drop in your Apple iPhone 13 mini’s performance.

iphone apps crashing message

  • Difficulty in Updating

Jailbreaking may cause problems with new iOS updates. When Apple releases updates, jailbreak developers might take time to catch up. This delay can leave you without access to the latest features and security patches.

  • Bricking Risk

Incorrect jailbreaking can “brick“ your Apple iPhone 13 mini, making it unusable. This risk goes up if you try it without enough knowledge or with unreliable tools.

Part 2: What Can Jailbreak iPhone Do to iCloud Activation Lock?

Jailbreaking an iPhone won’t remove the iCloud Activation Lock, contrary to a common misconception. While jailbreaking provides extensive control over your device’s system, it is not synonymous with bypassing iCloud Activation Lock. These are distinct concepts. Here’s how they differ:

  • Jailbreak

If you jailbreak your Apple iPhone 13 mini, what happens is you have root access to the iOS system. It opens customization and functionality beyond what is available.

  • iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature that ties an Apple iPhone 13 mini to the Apple ID used to set it up. If lost or stolen, it prevents unauthorized use even after a factory reset.

icloud activation lock on an iphone

While jailbreaking grants you deeper access to the system, it can’t override or bypass the iCloud Activation Lock directly. However, third-party tools that can bypass iCloud activation lock use this access. These software, such as Wondershare Dr.Fone, leverage the jailbreak to access crucial system files and implement their bypass methods.

Part 3: Easily Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Without Password

Security risks? Warranty void? These are valid concerns when considering “What does it mean to jailbreak an iPhone?”

Not only that, but if you jailbreak your Apple iPhone 13 mini and face issues, you may need the Apple ID and password for access. Retrieving them is easy with known iCloud credentials. But reactivation becomes challenging if you’ve forgotten or bought a used iOS device without the previous owner’s details.

To solve this, you can use software to bypass the Activation Lock on your Apple iPhone 13 mini. Several tools in the market can do it, and Wondershare Dr.Fone is a standout option. It’s user-friendly, compatible with the latest iOS devices, and boasts an intuitive interface.

Here are some things Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock tool can offer:

Dr.Fone uses the responsible path of jailbreaking your iOS device, giving you back control. Now, let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on how to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS):

  • Step 1: Download Dr.Fone and set up the software on your computer.

  • Step 2: Open the program and select Screen Unlock from the available options on the Toolbox page.

dr.fone toolbox homepage

  • Step 3: Choose iOS as your device type, then select iCloud Activation Lock Removal on the next window.

dr.fone screen unlock tools

  • Step 4: Click Start to initiate the bypass process.

start to bypass activation lock

  • Step 5: Use a USB cable to connect your Apple iPhone 13 mini to the computer. Ensure the software detects your device.

in-app instructions to connect iphone

  • Step 6: Check your Apple iPhone 13 mini settings for a displayed MEID or ESN number to identify CDMA network support. If an IMEI number is present, the Apple iPhone 13 mini device supports GSM networks. The findings indicate support for both GSM and CDMA networks. Click Unlock Now to proceed.

dr.fone unlock icloud activation lock

****Note:****For GSM devices, removing the iCloud Activation Lock doesn’t disrupt normal functioning. Conversely, for CDMA devices, calling features may be disabled. However, the Apple ID remains usable for essential functions like App Store access.

  • Step 7: Dr.Fone will check if your device needs to be jailbroken. If it does, follow the on-screen instructions to jailbreak it.

jailbreak iphone notice dialogue box

  • Step 8: Allow the software to complete the bypass process. Once done, your Apple iPhone 13 mini will be successfully unlocked from the iCloud Activation Lock without a password.

dr.fone bypass icloud activation lock

Part 4: Other Way To Remove iCloud Activation Lock Without Jailbreak

If you’re the rightful owner of the iPhone, the safest and most legitimate way to bypass the Activation Lock is to remove the associated Apple ID from the Apple iPhone 13 mini device. Here’s how to remove iCloud Activation lock on the web without jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini:

  • Step 1: Go to appleid.apple.com, then sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Step 2: Select the Apple iPhone 13 mini device you want to remove the Activation Lock from, then click Remove from account.

remove device from icloud account

  • Step 3: Confirm that you want to remove the Apple iPhone 13 mini device.

****Note:****If you’re still having trouble removing Activation Lock, you can contact Apple Support for help.


With the question “What does jailbreaking an iPhone do?” answered, it’s time to weigh the pros and cons. Jailbreaking an iPhone means bypassing restrictions for more functions and unauthorized apps. Although it provides customization and extra features, it poses risks.

Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone 13 mini weakens its iOS security, possibly exposing your device to malware. If you plan to remove iCloud Activation Lock, use trustworthy tools like Dr.Fone. Weighing the benefits of jailbreaking against the potential downsides is crucial. Remember, customizing your Apple iPhone 13 mini comes at the cost of your device’s security and stability.

Tips: Are you searching for a powerful Screen Unlock tool? No worries as Dr.Fone is here to help you. Download it and start a seamless unlock experience!

Guide on How To Change Your Apple ID Email Address On Apple iPhone 13 mini

Your Apple ID email is the key to your digital world with Apple devices. It’s the address Apple recognizes you by, allowing you to access your apps, music, and more. But sometimes, life brings changes, and your Apple ID email may need an update.

This guide will take you through the simple process of changing your Apple ID email address, ensuring it’s easy to understand every step. Explore why you might want to make this change, shedding light on common scenarios where this adjustment can enhance your Apple experience. So dive in and explore!

change your apple id

Part I: Why Change Your Apple ID Email?

Your Apple ID email helps you access your apps, music, and more. But sometimes, you might need to change it for simple reasons. Let’s look at why you might want to change your Apple ID email in easy-to-understand terms.

why change your apple id email

  • Your email address is part of your identity. Changing it to something that better suits you can make your Apple experience more personal.
  • If you think someone else knows your old email password, changing it can keep your Apple account safer. A fresh email means a new layer of security.
  • Maybe you used an old email you don’t want to use anymore. Changing it lets you keep your personal life separate from your Apple stuff.
  • **Email Problems.**If your old email is full of spam or not working well, switching to a new one is a good idea. You’ll get a cleaner and more reliable inbox.
  • **Sharing Devices.**If you share Apple devices with someone and want to keep your stuff separate, changing your Apple ID email can help you do that easily.
  • Using a more professional email address for your Apple ID can make a better impression when using Apple services for work or business.

These are the simple reasons why you might want to change your Apple ID email. It’s all about making your Apple experience better, safer, and more suited to your needs.

Part II: Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Apple ID Email

Before you jump into changing your Apple ID email address, there’s an essential step to take. Just like you’d secure your valuables before embarking on a journey, backing up your device before going through the email change process is vital. This step ensures that none of your precious data is lost during the transition.

A. How To Change Your Apple Email Address on Various Devices

Now, let’s explore three different methods of how to change your Apple ID email address, tailored to various user preferences.

Method 1: For Mac Users

If you’re a Mac enthusiast, changing your Apple ID email is straightforward:

  • Step 1: Click the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen.

change apple id on mac 1

  • Step 2: Click System Preferences, and then select Apple ID.

change apple id on mac 2

  • Step 3: Navigate to the Name, Phone, Email section, then click Edit next to your email address.

change apple id on mac 3

  • Step 4: Input your new email address, and Apple will send a verification code to it.
  • Step 5: Check your new email for the verification code, enter it, and voilà! Your Apple ID email is updated on your Mac.

Method 2: For Mobile Device Users

For those who prefer the convenience of mobile devices:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Apple iPhone 13 mini or iPad, then tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

change apple id on iphone 1

  • Step 2: Tap Name, Phone Numbers, Email.

change apple id on iphone 2

  • Step 3: Tap Edit next to your email address, enter your new one, then tap Next.

change apple id on iphone 3

  • Step 4: Apple will send a verification code to the new email. Enter it, and your Apple ID email on your mobile device is updated.

Method 3: For Browser Users

If you prefer the simplicity of a web browser:

  • Step 1: Open the web browser your prefer and go to the Apple ID account management page.

change apple id on browser 1

  • Step 2: Click Sign In and tap your Email or Phone Number and Password.

change apple id on browser 2

  • Step 3: Click Edit next to your email address in the Account section.
  • Step 4: Input your new email address and click Continue.
  • Step 5: A verification code will be sent to your new email. Enter it to confirm your email change.

B. Updating Your Apple ID

Now that you’ve successfully changed your Apple ID email, it’s crucial to ensure that all your Apple devices are on the same page:

  • Step 1: Tap the Settings application on your Apple iPhone 13 mini or iPad.
  • Step 2: Go to Update Apple ID Settings below your Apple ID settings.

update apple id settings

  • Step 3: Tap Continue, then wait for a few moments. Your Apple ID will then get updated.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that all your Apple devices are synced with your updated email address, providing a seamless and consistent Apple experience across all your gadgets. Now, with your new Apple ID email, you’re ready to explore the Apple ecosystem with renewed convenience and security.

Part III: Unlock iOS Screen With Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

What if you find yourself in a situation where you want to change your Apple ID email address on your iOS device, but you’re locked out? Don’t worry; Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) can rescue you. This handy tool is designed to help you unlock your iOS device, allowing you to change your Apple ID email address smoothly.

drfone v13 toolbox

Key Features of Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Check out the key features that Dr.Fone has to offer:

  • **User-Friendly Interface.**Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is designed to be easy to use, making it accessible for users of all levels of technical expertise.
  • It fits a wide range of iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, ensuring that you can unlock your device no matter which one you have.
  • **Multiple Unlock Modes.**Fone offers different unlock modes to cater to various scenarios. Whether you’ve forgotten your passcode, have a disabled device, or are dealing with a locked Apple ID, Dr.Fone has a solution.
  • **No Data Loss.**One of the most significant advantages of Dr.Fone is that it unlocks your device without causing any data loss. Your photos, apps, and important information remain intact.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Outlined below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock for iOS devices:

  • Step 1: When you’ve finished downloading and installing Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer, go to Toolbox, then Screen Unlock, and choose iOS to open the tool in a new window.
  • Step 2: Begin to pick the Unlock iOS Screen button in the new window to begin unlocking the screen of your iOS device. On the following screen, click the Start button to begin unlocking the iOS device.

Note: Ensure your device’s battery levels are enough before proceeding.

drfone unlock ios screen

  • Step 3: Following that, place your iDevice in Recovery Mode. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your iDevice into mode based on your phone model.

Note: If Recovery Mode does not work, try hitting the Try DFU Mode button at the bottom to access the instructions for putting the iDevice in DFU mode.

drfone unlock ios screen recovery mode

  • Step 4: After successfully entering your device into Recovery Mode, the platform automatically recognizes the Device Model and shows it in the appropriate section. Modify the model and select the System Version to meet your needs if necessary. After that, select Start to begin unlocking your device’s screen.

drfone unlock ios screen device model

  • Step 5: The next screen shows the progress of your iOS firmware download. If at any point you decide you’d rather call it quits, hit the Stop button. If the iOS firmware takes a long time to download on your platform, you can copy the download link by clicking the Copy option.

drfone unlock screen ios firmware download

  • Step 6: After a successful download, the iOS firmware is checked and shown on the next screen. Select the Unlock Now option again to proceed with the unlocking procedure. A confirmation popup displays, requesting you to confirm the action. Enter the unlock code and press the Unlock button to continue.

drfone unlock screen ios unlock now

  • Step 7: You’ll see the unlocking status of your iOS device on the following screen. Don’t forget that keeping the gadget plugged in is necessary to avoid bricking it.
  • Step 8: Click the Done button once the iDevice has been unlocked. If you’re still stuck with a locked iPhone, iPad, or iPod, select Try Again to retry the process.

drfone unlock screen ios unlock now

By using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), you can regain access to your iOS device and continue with the process of changing your Apple ID email address hassle-free. It’s a reliable and user-friendly solution that ensures you can enjoy the benefits of the new email address without losing any of your precious data.

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This guide easily explored the process of changing your Apple ID email address. It started by understanding why this change might be necessary and provided straightforward methods for Mac, mobile, and browser users to accomplish it seamlessly.

But what if you’re locked out of your iOS device? Don’t fret; Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is a user-friendly tool that can help you regain access to your device. It ensures a smooth transition to your new email. Unlock new possibilities with Dr.Fone, a reliable companion in managing your iOS device. Explore its features and simplify your Apple journey today!

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